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We have been teaching the children in Kids Zone that God wants to use all of us in prayer, regardless of our age. We must simply believe and obey as we look for opportunities to pray for people.

So one of our leadership couples Danie and Penny gets invited to the social workers office at the school with regard to their son Martin. Not knowing what to expect they arrive and hear the story. One of Martin’s friends was asked to repeat grade 2, but he was really concerned that his mates would think he is stupid, so the social worker asked him who his friends were and called the friends into the office to explain what was happening. At the end of it all Martin says that his friend should repeat the year because you need a sure foundation to build your house on because without a sure foundation your house will collapse. So it would be better for his friend in the long term if he repeats the grade. So the social worker says to Martin that is a very wise thing to say, to which Martin replies, “I’m not finished yet, do you mind if I pray?”

“Sure” the lady says, so Martin proceeds to pray that God will give his friend the courage and the strength to make the right decision and that angels would protect him from any hurtful comments. By the time Martin had finished the social worker said she had never heard someone that young pray with such intensity.

As it turned out the parents had nothing to worry about.

Attached is a photo of the little warrior.

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